Stress Management - Managing Stress

Stress Management

It is unlikely that our workaday situations are going to change much in the next few years.

  • Longer hours
  • Fewer people to do more work
  • Higher expectations

Causes Of Stress

These are some of the major causes of stress as recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.

So does this mean that we're all going to go around getting even more stressed than we are already?

Does this mean that the only way we can cope with these pressured times is to quit our jobs and move to the Outer Hebrides?

Stress Is Everywhere

No such luck - there's plenty of stress in the Outer Hebrides as well - it just looks different.

Of course, there are things that employers can do to help with stress management and to alleviate the causes of stress.

But since no two people are affected by these 'stressors' in the same way, no employer is going to come up with a universal solution.

There is only one truism about stress management.

Stress Is Different For Everyone

One person's stress is another's excitement.

However, dealing with and stress management can be approached from a different angle.

Stress Management

Try working with stress this way.

Think about what it is you can do to deal with pressure more effectively and how can you better manage the stress you already have?

When you look at it, the fact is that most of us actually manage quite well with an amazingly large amount of stress and pressure.

Unexpected Events

What usually tips the balance is unexpected events:

  • A crisis
  • A drama
  • Something materialising suddenly
  • The extras that weren't planned for

Coping Mechanisms

That's when our stress coping mechanisms shut down, break down or go on strike.

Dealing with pressure and stress management is a three-stage process.

Knowing what you cope with well already and how you do that.

Knowing what tips the balance for you.

And preparing strategies for unexpected stress.

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