We are training
people Worldwide
from our homes to your homes!

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Face to Face Training is Back!

We are using our large, well-ventilated training studios to deliver
Safe, Secure and Socially Distanced Training

Face to Face Training Is Back...

We can now deliver training for you both Online and Face to Face

We have set up a range of offers to deliver your training using the Zoom meeting app and other platforms.

We are also using the large well-ventilated spaces in the BDC to deliver Safe, Secure and Socially Distanced Training.

Remote Tailored Training 

Tailored Training - Online or
Face to Face 

We create unique tailored training courses
for businesses.

Our trainers consult with you to find out precisely what to achieve from your training course.

Our approach ensures that your course is designed
around your needs.

Outstanding Trainers 

Open Courses - Online or
Face to Face 

You can now attend every course either in person or remotely via zoom.

If you are unable to attend due to a change in circumstances you can switch to zoom on the day.

Two trainers to each small group provides
in-depth focus on individual needs and goals.

All courses come with a Money-Back Guarantee.

Elite Five Day Courses

These courses are designed for skilled professionals making the next step in
their career.

A Five Day immersive experience, including group work and individual coaching.

Prepares you to influence, motivate and inspire.

Communicate with Impact

Presentation with Impact

Client Testimonials

"I still marvel at the session we did on
working a room.

Tina Lamb gave a lesson that
made a huge impact on
everyone there.

It was a master class on master classes."

 Dave Key BG Group 

What makes us special

Our focus is on professional personal development for individuals and growth for businesses.

We deliver tailored, targeted training designed to get results.

No box-ticking. Just
huge personal and business gains.

...our specialism?


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Impact Factory offers a wide range of London based CPD Accredited Courses, with dates scheduled throughout the year.

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Impact Factory delivers personalised soft skills training to both individuals and businesses.

Every course we offer is tailored to the needs of the people taking it. We focus on developing individuals by offering choice and new experiences.

The goal of our training is to create the kind of laser-sharp understanding that leads to long-term commitment.

All our public courses are CPD accredited.

Our trainers are all highly experienced. They’re internationally recognised for what they do and valued by organisations across the globe.

Businesses, governments and non-profits from around the world come to us because they know that our trainers, and our courses, are outstanding.

We achieve serious aims and we always have fun doing it. Our courses are as enjoyable as they are productive.

Why Choose Us?

There are hundreds of training companies in London. Why choose Impact Factory?

We specialise in professional personal development programmes and consultancy.
We know that delivering an IT skills course is very different from delivering a professional development course. We believe it needs a much more personal, flexible approach. We don’t try to do everything — just what we know we’re brilliant at.
We tailor everything.
Whether you join us as an individual on a public course, or you’re a business looking for in-house training, our starting point is your goals and needs. We understand that training that doesn’t help you do more and go further isn’t worth doing.
Our training courses encourage personal growth and high-quality interactions.
They’re not simply about learning new skills. They’re about helping teams and individuals communicate well, work together and enjoy being around each other. They’re about building healthy business cultures that lead to financial and personal growth.