Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Networking at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Companies spend thousands upon thousands of pounds getting their Exhibition stands, conferences and roadshows to look absolutely brilliant.

State of the art Multi-media, graphics, architectural design, slick brochures, the latest kit and technology.

These are all used to make a splash and draw people into their corporate exhibition arena.

Adding the People

But what happens once those people get into that arena?

  • Are the staff representing you presenting the right image?
  • Are they making the customers feel welcome?
  • Are they accessible?

Most people visiting exhibitions have had that awful experience of feeling as though they are intruding into someone's private club.

Feeling Excluded

Everyone is so busy talking to each other, gossiping and filling in time that they exclude the very people they are supposed to be wooing.

Or the other extreme is to make customers feel like 'food' while a gang of hungry piranhas pounce on them with a high-pressure sales pitch.

Understand Your Role

Staff need to understand the importance of their roles on the exhibition stand.

They need to take responsibility for stand visitors, representing the best image of your company.

Yes, they need to be well prepared to deal with customers' needs and problems.

But they also need to be able to communicate at a high level (both verbally and non-verbally)

Difficult People and Time Wasters

They need to be able to handle difficult people and time wasters.

They should be alert to log-jams.

And they should be ready and able to help out their colleagues.

The time and effort you spend preparing your exhibition stand, conference and roadshow staff could turn out to be the most significant investment you make.

That investment could, in fact, make the difference between the success or failure of your event.

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