Managing People

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Unless you live on an island populated only by yourself, you interact with people every day of your life.

Therefore, you are continually 'managing' the people you know and meet.

Mostly, this is done without conscious thought; but whether it's a partner, child, parent, friend or the greengrocer, these relationships don't just happen on their own.

They are managed.

You gain knowledge, experience and understanding on different levels about the people in your life, and that affects the way you manage with them.

In other words, you're pretty experienced in managing the people around you.

In the work place, however, managing people takes on a different importance.

You have to give it more thought, you may go on management courses, you're given responsibilities, objectives.

And there will be expectations from colleagues about your abilities to manage others up and down the corporate ladder.

The interesting thing is that most people like being managed' if they're being managed well.

People feel more secure and better supported when they know someone has their eye on them, is monitoring their progress and is available to help with problems or difficulties.

It's also not that difficult to learn how to manage people.

Mostly managing people is about feeling secure and confident in your own capabilities, combined with an ability to really hear what people want and need and to try to give it to them.

Managing people is about being clear and communicating in ways that people understand.

Yes, it takes training; but it needs to be management training that identifies and builds your current strengths and capabilities and doesn't try to teach you incompatible skills or the 'right' way to manage.

Managing people well can be the best skill you acquire to get the success you want.

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