Rose Youssef - Chief Executive Officer

is our Chief Executive Officer at Impact Factory

Essential, slick, super-efficient. Strong words, for a strong lady! Rose has the ability to juggle everything that a busy office can throw at her and maintain a calm and professional manner.

Toss in elegant, helpful, warm and the best smile in town, and you have a pretty good idea about the woman who you could call the glue that holds it all together.

Rose joined us at Impact Factory in 2004 from a successful family partnership in printing and reprographics.

Her insight into how the intricacies of a business work best at ground level have helped everyone here get on with their stuff knowing the details are covered.

Hailing from an art school background, she has a keen interest in illustration. Her work over the years has featured in several publications, alongside a variety of private commissions.

It’s great that we have someone to cast an eye over the various campaign visuals and her own work even features sometimes front page when we need something special.

Another big passion in Rose's life is animals. Let there be no doubt, any cat or dog found wandering the streets will be subjected to this woman’s strokes and cuddles.

Rose is one of the central hubs behind the scenes here at Impact Factory.

In addition to her role as Chief Executive Officer, she looks after Management Training and Professional Development Programmes for our Corporate clients, Business Clients large and small, and an increasing number of Multi-national businesses.

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