Paula Hector - Open Course Development Manager

is an Open Course Development Manager at Impact Factory

Paula looks after and develops the Impact Factory’s open course offering by maintaining and improving course content, working with trainers on delivery quality and enhancing the online avenues that support delegate learning and attract potential clients.

She also works to establish positive and durable relationships with our L&D, HR and Training partners.

She brings energy and enthusiasm to her work while looking for ways to increase creativity and collaboration within the business to achieve greater outcomes for all.

Before joining the company in 2018, she worked on projects designing, producing, managing and facilitating learning solutions for executives across the world.

She holds an MSc. in Occupational Psychology and she is particularly enthused by the areas of learning design, change and communication in the workplace.

Paula is delightful, calm and charming and this helps her to establish strong connections with others; both in the team and with clients.

In her spare time, Paula loves travelling, arts and crafts, spending time in the sunshine and having fun with family and friends.

Paula is also passionate about helping children and young people and she gets involved in charity work; supporting kids with making good decisions both in education and in life.

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