Lamas Management Consulting - Personal Impact Course

Lamas Management Consulting - Personal Impact Course

Delegate - David Sheal - Consulting Partner

Company - Lamas Management Consulting

David attended our

Personal Impact Course - 2 Day

on 5th June 2017

David said

"This course is one of the very best I have attended.

The skills learned were immediately useful in work settings.

Most importantly, this is not a theory course – it is about quickly building practical skills.

Each participant got an opportunity to practice real work scenarios and then very specific and precise feedback on their strengths and opportunities for improvement, with an emphasis on maximising strengths.

There were also multiple short exercises that mirrored real-world short interactions with others (exchanging pleasantries etc), enabling participants to work on their immediate impact on others.

The tutors (Dom and Katie) were themselves models of Personal Impact and facilitated the course in a highly interactive manner.

I really liked the way that participant confidence was built throughout the course, culminating in a team feedback session.

I recommend this course highly for anyone who wants to see immediate improvements in their personal impact, particularly people who are technically strong, but also need to build confidence and capability in face to face interactions."

David Sheal – Consulting Partner

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