Digby Wells - Influencing Skills Course

Influencing Skills Course

Delegate - Duncan Pettit - Unit Manager: Environmental and Legal Services

Company - Digby Wells

Ducan attended our Influencing Skills Course on 3rd July 2018

Duncan said:

“I have certainly been putting ARMED into practice and have stuck a post-it note below my computer monitor as a daily reminder: it has definitely helped refine and structure my communications better.

I am still making my way through some of the reading material but I am finding the training outcomes very useful.

I am still in my ‘reflection’ phase where I reflect on communications afterwards and observe what went well, what didn’t and where I could have altered outcomes.

This is where I have found the training most useful in that I have a deeper understanding behind others, and mine, actions.

This understanding allows me to be aware and to continue building my skills going forward”.


 Influencing Skills Course

This Course was run by

 Influencing Skills Course

This Influencing Skills Course was run by