DiaDraw - Assertiveness Training Course

Delegate - Radoslava Leseva - Software Developer

Company - DiaDraw

Radoslava attended our Assertiveness Training Course

on 19th June 2014

Radoslava said:

"Thank you for your e-mails. I am attaching the essay of an e-mail I sent to Maria in response to hers a couple of weeks ago with my impressions of the course.

In summary: the assertiveness course and accompanying materials opened my eyes for a lot of new ideas and were a good reminder of some old ones I hadn’t put into practice. I am really excited about the impact these are already having on my life.

I loved the format of it. Instead of a lecture, we got to play: enter different situations and try out various roles, attitudes and mental states in them. Speak of impact...
Maria and Dom were wonderful in creating a supportive environment for that, providing guidance and being vulnerable alongside us, the participants, instead of coming across as patronising.

I have my heart set on your Negotiations Skills course next and am secretly hoping that the price would drop closer to the day, so I can afford it. :)

Thank you so much and keep up the great work,"


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