APS Infrastructure Ltd - Communication Skills Course

 APS Infrastructure Ltd - Communication Skills Course

Delegate - Stephen Reeve

Company -  APS Infrastructure Ltd

Stephen attended our Communication Skills Course

on 28th January 2014

Stephen said:

"I feel that looking into the different types of questions has benefited me.

I was aware of the different types of questions, but I never look at how they could help me get the response and information I need from a conversation.

Using the different types of questions correctly has made finding out what our clients require much easier.

I don’t think the card games have had a major impact as of yet when taking phone calls and talking to others, however, I do think back to the exercises and I tell that they have helped make small improvements with the conversations I have so far.

Hopefully, that will continually improve as time goes on and the more I think back to the card games.

I keep meaning to use ARMED when writing emails but I have not yet done so. I definitely think this will help out a lot when I do manage to implement this.

I will definitely keep thinking back to some of the skills from the course as they have been helping me and can still help me improve with phone calls and written communication.

Thank you for a very enjoyable day."


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