Tina Lamb

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Tina’s journey towards Impact Factory is a great example of how things don't always turn out as we plan - and what a blessing that can be!

She grew up wanting to be an actress, Meryl Streep to be exact. But, unable to secure a place at drama school, she took a year off and went to work on yachts in the Caribbean.

This one year of frivolous fun turned into five years of extremely hard work running her own business, (an Italian restaurant), and raising two stepchildren.

Following the natural course of things, but forever changed by her experiences, Tina returned to London and finally succeeded in getting a place at drama school.

Three years of training, followed by six years as a jobbing actress, complete with the trials and tribulations that life brings, further developed Tina as a person and laid the groundwork for her choice of career now.

Tina also put her drama skills to a different use and moved into facilitating workshops for children with behavioural issues - further training for her corporate life to come!

“I don't see myself as a trainer - sea lions and hoops spring to mind - but rather as an individual who can help develop people both professionally and personally, which I do with pride, gusto and enthusiasm.”

Finally, Impact Factory beckoned and impressed by their ethos and the wonderful mix of associates Tina knew this was the right place for her. Luckily they thought so too.

Her life experiences had perfectly primed Tina to specialise in personal impact, assertiveness and networking.

However, when she was asked to become the Head of Open Courses and help develop an extensive range of courses (currently 30+ are available on a regular basis) she found that her facilitation, presentation, and communication skills could also be harnessed and be put to good use.

When not doing her bit in corporate training rooms, you are likely to find her watching movies, on a yoga mat or gallivanting around the world to see endangered animals while we are still lucky enough to have them, (silver-backed gorillas and polar bears are top of the list).

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Tina Lamb

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