Sarah Creevey

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Sarah has always followed her heart. Not knowing what she wanted to “do” when she left school, she completed a degree in French and Drama, reasoning that these were two subjects she enjoyed and trusting she’d find a use for them.

This took her on a path to train as a translator at the British Institute in Paris, where she became fascinated by the idea of language and communication being so much more than just words. Her time as a translator saw her translate at various corporate events as well the Franco-British Youth Summit. She even got invited to the Ambassador’s reception during her time in Paris, an experience she will never forget (despite the lack of Ferrero Rocher!)

But eventually, she realised she missed home too much and came back to London. Here, Sarah moved into market research, helping organisations to understand what their customers want and need. During this time, she worked with clients as diverse as the BBC, Facebook, RBS, Ofsted, the Football Foundation and even a counter-terrorism government department.

Workshop facilitation and presentations were part of the everyday in this career, which she loved, and Sarah also took on the role of managing and developing teams. This is where she discovered her passion for developing people – her heart called for another change of tack!

After completing a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and a Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching, Sarah set up her own company in 2014, working with people to help them enjoy their jobs more. While learning the art of comedy improvisation (still feeding her love of drama) she discovered Impact Factory and the stars aligned.

This was the opportunity she had been waiting for that would bring together her innate sense of what it takes to communicate well, her passion for developing people, and her training in drama and improv (which, by the way, helped her overcome her natural shyness) – finally a direct application for that degree in French and Drama! Luckily, Impact Factory agreed that it was a perfect fit, and here she is!

Sarah trains across all areas and has a particular interest in

She continues to develop herself through regularly signing up for new classes outside of work, most recently musical improv and mountainboarding (though not together!)

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