Katy Miller

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Katy has been at Impact Factory for seven years and brings a wealth of life experience to her work here.

From performing in the West End and at the National Theatre, to teaching and directing drama students, to running a franchise of a national pre-school music programme, her ability to adapt to any situation and communicate effectively with people on every level has equipped her well for the training room.

She grew up in a family of musicians and studied music at The Royal Academy of Music. After obtaining a BA in French and Drama at Birmingham University she spent two years at The Poor School, London, training to be an actor.

This led to ten years of professional theatre work in repertory and touring theatres all over the UK and opportunities between the acting jobs to work in other fields such as teaching, hospitality and theatre production. In 2000 her daughter was born and soon after she decided to take on the challenge of running her own business, in the form of a Monkey Music franchise in North London.

She joined the Impact Factory team in 2010 and has been delighted and fascinated to have the opportunity to use her wide experience and skills to help people from equally wide and varied backgrounds develop their emotional intelligence, communication skills and business performance.

Insightful, 100% focused on the delegates, reflective, precise and approachable are just a few words that describe Katy in the room.

Her particular areas of interest are:

She has worked with an extensive group of clients including Coca-Cola, BNP Paribas, UKTV, BP UK, Aviva, the London Fire Brigade, Equifax, EY-Seren, d-fine Ltd, ING Amsterdam, World Wildlife Fund, Virgin Media and Aramco.

Outside the training room, you will find Katy enjoying live music, theatre and comedy, or on a yoga mat, or off to the airport to explore somewhere new and exciting.

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