Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Empowerment Tips

Empowering Performance

1. Enlightenment - Have Faith

In a Women's Entrepreneur Success Survey I conducted, the #1 category chosen out of 44 to define "Success" was "Faith".

It can be assumed that accountability to God, or a higher purpose, helps you work with strong values, ethics and morals; based on charity, kindness, compassion, and the genuine passion to help others.

Also, having faith may help you learn from your failures quicker, have less fear, and take more educated risks, because every experience (good or bad) is one step closer to goal attainment for all the right reasons.

2. Empowerment of Self - The Ability to Choose

Empowerment is about learning there are choices, in which you have the right to be the healthiest and happiest person you can be today.

One critical choice in the self-empowerment process is to enter into self-discovery process that leads to self-acceptance and results in self-love.

You will reach your personal and business' greatest potential, once you master this equation:

Self-Love = Self-Discovery + Self-Acceptance

3. Exercise Balance with Your Family

Since your family gives you the most personal fulfilment, it is important to always prioritise your business accordingly.

Choose to live life with your family, not because of, or for them by making excuses to yourself, such as "work comes first". After almost facing death, I learnt that I must always:

Work Wisely + Play Plenty = Rest Reassured

4. The Enterprise Must Include the Power of Power Networks

As a conductor of your own enterprise, you cannot see yourself as a one-woman-show.

You must choose to utilise the power people in your life, by asking for help when you need it, and effectively delegating in order to capitalise on your strengths and that of your power network.

When certain experts are not represented in your power network, you must actively seek advisors or mentors and develop a team of specialists, so the benefits are received by everyone involved in the power network:

The true Power of Power Networks

5. Experience Success through Principles That Work

Rather than re-invent the success cycle; read, study and try different principles proven to have worked in the numerous business-improvement resources available to you. Choose to learn something(S) new every single day.

Give this one a try:

The Empowerment Equation to Success:

Desire + Action = Success

Action = 5 A's: Acquisition, Affirmative Attitude, Accountability, Asking, and Accomplish

6. Exclusive Business Brand

Brand yourself as the exclusive business in your target market.

The more you invest your time, money, efforts, and human resource in developing your Unique Selling Proposition, once your clients start rolling in...their loyalty will last for their lifetime and that of their offspring.

The power of being the first and only means you have no competition. Therefore, your clients have no one else to turn to. Always chose to be a specialist at something...not a generalist in everything.

Dare to be Your Best Self!

[Beware: Once you start succeeding at what you do, you WILL have competition.

At which time, it's critical to build alliances...not enemies.]

7. Establish Systems to Maximise Time

You must establish as many systems as possible (i.e., priority planning, to do's, office hours, meeting days, etc.) to be time-efficient.

Streamline all your business protocols for maximum productivity that includes but not limited to your daily, weekly, monthly and annual duties and responsibilities.

8. Expand Your Marketing Reach

Diversify your online and offline marketing portfolio. Always be open to trying something new, different and creative, but never stop at a one-time opportunity. Repetitive efforts are rewarded the most.

Areas include:

  • website
  • blog
  • article submission
  • local and internet press release campaign
  • venture partnerships
  • link exchanges
  • charity sponsorships
  • public speaking
  • radio interviews
  • teleseminars
  • volunteerism
  • search engine optimisation/marketing
  • building power networks
  • hosting local events

9. Experiment with a Positive Bottom Line

For every new formula, system, or marketing campaign you try, you must always test and track your results.

Stay accountable to your bottom-line by being patient enough to see results and persistent enough to gain the most from your efforts.

Don't give up too easily, and don't let dead-weight pull you down.

Always be cost-conscious.

10. Envisioning Goes beyond Goal Setting

Envisioning your goals means being able to apply all your senses to the moment when your goal is achieved.

Basically, you need to touch, taste, smell, feel, and hear your goal already accomplished, so that moment becomes so vivid in your mind, that you will become happy and empowered right now.

Your positive focus will fill your workdays with fun, and you'll always be proud of your efforts rather than disappointed with your unfinished tasks.

Coming from a Type-A personality, this is easier said than done; but having just written this down, I'm now accountable to you.

Now, I challenge you to stay empowered and keep our power network alive!

This article was contributed by Ponn Sabra

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