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Although finding the right job can be tedious, there are resources available to make your job easier.

This article gives you the resources you need to make an informed decision about where to find the right resources.

The most important step in finding a right job is to look for one that is most suitable to your requirements and most compatible with your personality.

This may sound easy, but often we don’t have a clue about what each job provider has to offer and what would work best for us.

Resources for career counselling can be a great help in this process of identifying the next career move.

Web Resources

The Internet is an exhaustive information source that allows us to select from a large list of options.

Most organised online resources help job seekers find a viable job based on their personal preference and skill.

An interested candidate needs to key in some specifications to narrow down the search that is applied to a massive job database.

It is very important to know what to key in when checking online resources for career counselling as selecting the right keyword will get you the desired information.

Identifying What Is Really Important To You

There are many factors that may affect the kind of resource you can find on the web.

Geographic preference can narrow down the response.

Personal preferences such as the amount of travel involved can further focus the results. It's important to note that if a user puts in too many preferences the result may be zero help, so it's important to keep key factors in mind.

This kind of what if analysis is possible when using automated resources and is generally not available when using counsellors.

Too Much Information Can Confuse You

The web can be a boon or a curse to a person seeking career counselling.

The curse of the information explosion can confuse rather than help. Therefore, for some, the old-fashioned personal approach is more suitable.


A beneficial aspect of career counselling resources is that they help job seekers understand their shortcomings and prepare accordingly.

Most jobs that are posted online usually mention what an applicant’s ideal profile should be.

This enables job seekers to see for themselves if they fit in or not. It can also spur self-development efforts such as enrolling for additional training, education, and certification or licensing.

Aside from this, resources for career counselling offer useful advice on career-related issues.

There are forums and message boards on most sites where one can post a query.

A counsellor answers these questions to help you choose accordingly. Some of the specialised career counselling companies evaluate your current earnings and analyse your potential to help you land a better job.

What Information to Look For

You could make a job choice based upon recommendations, reviews, write-ups, word of mouth or rankings, but the most important is personal need.

The American School Counsellor Association plays an important role in ranking or recommending job sites. Many graduate schools refer to these online career-counselling sites to build their own database.

Tools That Can Help You

Self-assessment and interests, values inventories, self-assessment tools, personality and IQ tests, and aptitude quizzes help analyse your true potential.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter test helps gauge your personality profile.

The Career Planning Process, Career Change, and Hoover's Online are a few popular career- counselling resources.

The Riley Guide, Resume Writing, Career Services and America's Job Bank are helpful as well.

A job seeker may also refer to Yahoo! Classifieds-Employment, Contract Employment Weekly, Jobs Online, UST Career Development Centre, Monster.com, Job Web, and Career Mosaic.

If all this confuses you don't hesitate to go to your local community college or university.

They have career counselling centres that can provide a large amount of information and staff that is eager to help.

This article was contributed by Tony Jacowski

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal.


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