Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

Most people want to feel useful in their lives.

They want to feel as though they are making a contribution of some kind.


If you're employed, then work is one of the more important places where you will want to feel useful, valued and appreciated.

When things are going well, your life feels effective and efficient and you're capable of handling whatever the workday throws at you.

However, when things are not going quite so well when too many demands are made on your time and you can't seem to see what's needed, then you may begin to feel ineffectual, de-skilled and pretty useless.

One Small Thing

On top of that, one of life's little ironies is that it only takes one small incident, one conflict, mistake or reprimand; something overlooked or a problem not sorted out to feel that everything you do is useless.

It's not true, but human nature being what it is, most people tend to focus on what's wrong rather than what's right.

When this happens, it's actually possible to feel so ineffectual that you become ineffectual.

Negative Reinforcement

This is how negative reinforcement happens.

In other words, one blip may create just that much extra stress that the rest of your work is affected; and then one blip, one small error or mistake, turns into many and you really do become a liability.

In reality, all those skills and abilities you have when things are going well don't go away, they just go to ground for a while.

Know Your Strengths

The trick is to get them back again before it all goes 'pear-shaped'.

Knowing what you do well, what you can rely on, what qualities you have are essential to maintaining your personal effectiveness.

Being able to identify what makes you feel aligned, motivated and energised will also reinforce and build your confidence so that when those blips come along (and they will), you can deal with them effectively.

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