Networking in Business

Networking in Business

"To network or not to network? That is the question."

Well, my answer to that would most likely be, "not to network - thank you!"

Even the word itself made up from "working" and the idea you have to "net" something, is unappealing.

It's no wonder many of us shy away from the idea, and yet... so many of us find ourselves having to do it.

So how can business networking be made more palatable, or even enjoyable?

Enjoying Networking

Firstly, let's break down what we are really trying to achieve when we send ourselves into a business networking or personal networking situation.

On the simplest level, it's about interacting with people, putting yourself and others at ease, joining and leaving groups, and as a host, overseeing that process as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Then there's the art of "escaping the party bore", not because you want to be rude, but there are simply several other people you need to meet!

If it's your style to be able to just walk away - great.

Often, however, it's not that easy.

Business Event

Then there's the business event.

Is the actual event the best time to actually do business?

Probably not.

Relationship Building

Ideally, it would be much more effective to strike up "relationships" with those around you.

Interact with someone in a relaxed way, which will mean they will not only remember you when you speak next on the phone but also be willing to put aside some time and give you their full attention.

That's the time to do business.


Most importantly, here at Impact Factory, when we talk about networking - we don't mean schmooze (unless you're a natural schmoozer!), we don't mean being disingenuous and we definitely don't suggest you be predatory.

Instead, find your own individual way to connect with people, remind yourself of all the great communication skills you have in other situations, and start looking at how to bring these qualities to a networking event.

Have Some Fun

Often the assumptions that we make about others or those that are being made about us can really restrict us.

Don't let them get used to checking things out.

Truthfully, if you develop good business networking skills, networking at a business or social event really can be pleasurable.

The same, of course, cannot be said of the sausage rolls.

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