Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills Training

It's quite straightforward, people interacting with other people, that's what interpersonal skill means.

We all start doing it from the moment we're born.

Our Behaviour Impacts Others

If all goes well as we grow up, we get more skilled at communicating our wants and needs, our feelings and thoughts.

We also learn to interpret other people's in turn, so that in adulthood we are aware of how our behaviour impacts on others.

Good Interpersonal Skills

We all find people with good interpersonal skills are easy to be around.

They connect with other people effortlessly, they seem to know the right things to say and they make communication, in general, an easy process.

They even seem not to mind making fools of themselves.

Being Comfortable With Yourself

And here is the interesting part, it seems the more comfortable they are with themselves, then the more comfortable we are in being with them.

We don't actually pay conscious attention to what they're doing, but they are doing something that makes them easy to be with.

Interpersonal Skills

Strangely, interpersonal skills are one of those things that you'll only really notice when someone doesn't have them!

And you'll certainly notice it when yours have deserted you.

That'll be the moments when you get wrong-footed, tongue-tied, or embarrassed.

Awkward Situations

When you're in new or awkward situations or when you imagine that there are rules of behaviour that everyone else seems to know but you.

It is quite possible, with a little effort, for everyone to develop really effective interpersonal skills.

Deal With Feelings

You can learn how to deal with the feelings that arise in difficult situations instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Nobody lives a life free of feeling.

Everyone has moments where they feel less than capable.

The trick with good interpersonal skills have learnt is to identify which feelings get in the way of connecting with others.

New Ways Of Behaving

Then they have practised new ways behaving when they find one of those feelings coming on.

A little time spent working on your interpersonal skill set will pay huge dividends.

In time you'll find you'll be able to work well in any communication arena.

Interpersonal Skills Training

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