How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal

How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is supposed to be an improvement-based course of action instead of a reserved evaluation that takes place every year.

Performance appraisals have to be observed by both the employee as well as the employer, to make sure that objectives are being accomplished.

Preparing for an Appraisal

Evaluate Your Performance Appraisal Presentation

To be able to evaluate your own presentation as impartially as you can, make an effort to examine it from your supervisor's point of view.

Make certain that you are familiar with the corporation's evaluation rules and actions.

Go through the performance appraisal records thoroughly and try to take suggestions objectively.

Evaluate Performance

Evaluate your fixed performance objectives considering which ones have been achieved and which ones have not.

Think about your work, your position within the corporation, your obligations and tasks.

Evaluate your performance at difficult times.

Consider if you have undertaken any extra duties or been involved in additional assignments, the manner in which you have handled challenges, improvements or setbacks.

The evaluation and comparisons between your work and your colleague's work and the techniques by which you can enhance your worth in the corporation should also be considered.

Comprehensive Documentation

You should maintain comprehensive documentation of your activities associated with your work during the entire year.

In addition, you must state your accomplishments.

Bring together all the essential documentary proof to sustain your declarations, such as testimonials, letters and e-mails from superiors or clients.

Formulate a record of all the training courses, seminars and conferences that you have attended.

Be Honest

Be honest during your performance appraisal. Admit any setbacks or shortcomings and make a commitment to improving.


Involve yourself energetically in the appraisal.

Pay attention carefully to the comments and suggestions of your manager - point out if you disagree with any of their assessments, but be sure to take any criticism constructively.

Ask Meaningful Questions

Since you have thought out your obligations, tasks, objectives and main concerns ahead of time, you will be in a better position to talk about them in a conversant and purposeful method.

Ask for explanations if you need to. If you are not happy about some of the objectives or think that they are out of reach, speak up about it.

Take Notes

Make sure you take copious notes regarding your work performance during the year.

At some point in your appraisal, you will be able to talk about them with authority. In addition to this, you will be able to make a correlation between what is being said at the appraisal and your observations.

Highlight the way in which you have used any assignments or projects to develop your performance.

Formulate practical propositions and, if required, request guidance on how best to achieve your goals.

Facing a performance appraisal is never easy; but by following the tips above, you can be well prepared.

This article was contributed by Tony Jacowski

How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal

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