Powerful Digital Copywriting

Power Up Your Web Presence With Powerful Digital Copywriting

Digital copywriting is carried out keeping in mind two audiences: search engines (which can index your site and pull up your page rankings), and prospective human visitors (who can buy your products).

Sometimes the right density and positioning of keywords is enough to make search engines happy and get you near the top of search results.

But when people visit your site, they read your content and if they find every paragraph a medium to stuff keywords, it spoils your impression, definitely a bad idea.

Human Readers

You need to get a copy that can please both digital as well as human readers.

There is no point in getting high traffic when your visitors abandon your page before you can get them to click on a link, read more, or make a purchase.

Although you have "cheated" your way into the search results, you just lost any chance of getting bookmarked, or recommended to another user, or getting visited again by the same user.

Keyword Positioning

On the other extreme, you could get content writing services that churn out good copy lively prose, no bluffing, no padding, just informative and persuasive digital copywriting but if the keywords are not strategically placed and repeated where they count, you won't be making search engine spiders happy.

Your site might read well but is just not spider-index-friendly.

But then, with word-of-mouth recommendations, your site has a source of traffic not directly related to search engine results.

Search Engine Optimisation

The problem is your site might be reachable by any online search using keywords.

Now you know that man cannot live on search engine optimisation alone.

You need good copy. So you either get people who are good at SEO copywriting, or you can learn it and do it yourself.

If you have time, it's good to invest in learning digital copywriting.

Sales Copywriting

Because even if you don't become proficient enough to be your own copywriting company, you get immersed in the complexities and pressures professional digital copywriting people face every day.

And when you learn the point of view of the digital copywriting trade, you get a much clearer view of what you want for your site.

And what you want is a good balance between optimised and sales digital copywriting.

Unless you're a good writer, one with eight years' experience in filtering nonsense in copy, and with the surfing stamina and typing speed of a twenty-year-old, you're better off hiring web content writing services.

What To Look For In Good Digital Copywriting

A good copy is a short, highly readable, credible, well-paced, well-phrased, well-researched copy.

You have to draw the reader in using only what's available to you: words.

A crisp and intriguing but non-misleading title can lead your reader into your copy.

Further, an opening paragraph that concretely connects the reader to the topic, hints at how the topic will be developed, all without testing his boredom-threshold.

Blend the Pitch and SEO

What you're looking for is a copy that blends persuasive sales pitch with SEO digital copywriting.

So the outcome is a good write up that's focused on content, but just enough keywords to make the search engine spiders happy.

This is how you power up your web presence with powerful digital copywriting that passes five (5) standards:

  1. Mature choice of words (no clich├ęs, buzzwords, verbal fillers, puff-speak, juvenile blog phrases)
  2. Smart phrasing (every word must tell, every sentence must have a point)
  3. Short sentences (because online audiences read slower on the web page compared to print)
  4. Good pacing of ideas (use of subheads, transitions, limiting the article to a few important points)
  5. And strategically placed keywords (which are not repeated where redundant and awkward)

And you are sure to go sky high in online business.

This article was contributed by Sunita Biddu.

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