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Tina Lamb - Business Networking, Assertiveness and Personal Impact

Tina Lamb is an Impact Factory Senior Training Consultant, who has been with us for nearly a decade now.

Tina is our Head of Open Courses and runs our Business Networking, Personal Impact, Assertiveness, Facilitation and Conflict Management courses.

She has an infectious and enthusiastic training style much revered by her clients.

Business Cards Are Boring

I'm sorry to have to say it, but Business Cards are boring.

I don't care whether they are embossed with hummingbirds' wings, made from the finest Mayan woven papyrus and printed with hand-reared organic squid ink: fundamentally they are all the same to me.

If you deal with Japanese clients at all, please disregard what you are about to read as there is a structured formal way in which a Business Card is offered to a Japanese client and one should adhere to it.


Business Networking and Business Cards

The problem with Business Cards is that they are supposed to be some sort of, "aide memoire" a means by which you remember someone, a convenient way to have a record of someone you've met with their details, so they can easily be contacted after the Networking Event.

Why is it then that these cards so often end up in my kitchen draw, next to my picnic utensils, where they live in seclusion for 8 months before I have a clear out.

Best Intentions

I used to have the best intentions when I handed out cards or received them, but alas, so often they come to nothing, but not any more!

Now, I write on my cards. Oh yes, I happily defile them as often as I can. "So what do you write on them?", you might ask.

It's very easy and depends entirely on the conversation I've had with the person.

I might write any number of things, here are a few of my favourites:

What does Tina write on her business Cards?

"Enjoyed meeting you, call you next week"

"Will send the negotiation/influencing/management programme tomorrow"

"Good luck with your interview/meeting/ Mother-in-law"

"Thanks for the tip on basting turkeys/pumpkin carving/financial funds etc"

Good Time to Talk

You can even simply underline the best number to reach you on or a good time to contact you.

Why do I do this?

Because they read it!

People can't help themselves, they simply have to read it.

Everyone Wants to Read It

I've even had other people standing in the group who want to read it!

Since I started writing on my business cards, more people have responded to my cards and remembered who I am than ever before.

Last but not least, do the same thing with cards you receive from other people, perhaps not right there and then as some people might well be miffed by that, but at the earliest opportunity.

Add a Date

Put a date on the card, (most of us can trace where we were on a given day), then something to remind you about the person or the conversation (no unflattering descriptions in case you leave it in the loo!)

Follow up becomes easier, more relevant and most of all it's just fun to do.

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