Assertiveness and Conflict Management

Assertiveness and Conflict Management

I was on holiday with my partner.

We were staying with a very close friend of his they were putting us up for two weeks board, food and dipping in and out of some of the martial arts they offer at their wonderful retreat just south of Durban.

Food Agreement

We had agreed on a price per day for food, board and classes which he had wired ahead prior to his arrival.

As the days wore on he was asked a number of times to go and buy the family shop.

So the conversation went like this:

The First Occasion

"Didn't we agree on a price including the food?

Should I ask for a per diem from the food allowance?

Oh, never mind it's all in good spirit!"

The Second Occasion

"Six steaks umm that's pretty expensive I'm a little put out this isn't fair?"

The Third Occasion

"What a cheek don't they realise how much this has come to over the past three trips?

Well, probably not since you didn't tell them..."

The Cost of Not Saying Something

  • Tension
  • Frustration
  • Lot's of self-talk
  • Possible resentments...

The Cost of Saying Something

  • Possible tension
  • We talk
  • Possible understanding...

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