Leadership Course - two day

Leadership Course - two day

Maximum Delegates 8 Two Trainers per Course Money Back Guarantee

Develop your personal leadership style, inspire your team, motivate your department and transform your company

This is a dynamic, experiential leadership and management training course.

You will be involved in games and exercises in which you’ll recreate and re-run real interpersonal situations.

We believe this is one of the top leadership courses in the UK. Our aim is to develop your individual leadership style so you can inspire and motivate your team, department and company.

It is a challenging, insightful and hugely rewarding two days.

Our leadership and management courses are suitable for anyone taking on a leadership role or developing as a leader.

Course Objectives

  • Leadership BehavioursLeadership Course - CPD Accredited
  • Beyond Traditional Stereotypes
  • Individual Qualities and Strengths
  • Powerful Communication
  • Power of Changing What You Do
  • Leading by Example
  • Managing Group Dynamics
  • Getting Committed to Projects
  • Exploring Delegation
  • Working with Difficult People
  • Keep Things Moving Forward
  • Empowering, Inspiring
  • Becoming a Mentor

What Our Delegates Say:

J&K Confectionery - Leadership Course

"I found the course useful in so many ways, and it’s really changed the way I approach my work, it really was so inspirational to me. In fact, I’ve already recommended that one of my colleagues does the same course and he is now booked on for the new year!"
Jayne White - Projects & Development Manager - J&K Confectionery

NHS BASSETLAW CCG - Leadership Course

"The course has been a great help over the last few weeks and I have now seen a decline in interruptions throughout the day. I came back from London really motivated. I just now need to learn how to deal with stressed out GP's!"
Emma James - Deputy Practice Manager - Riverside Health Centre

The IFT - Leadership Course

“If you haven’t had leadership training before and you need a starting place then this course is perfect. You come away feeling much more centred and confident in how you might go about putting tools into practice!”
Jitesh Mistry - Membership Management Executive - The IFT


Course Content

We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates.

We will include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant.

Day One

Why Have You Come?

You will be asked to talk about what you are looking for from the course.

This is your opportunity to help your trainers shape the course to your specific needs.

Discussing Leadership

  • What is leadership?
  • What qualities or skills do you need to be a leader?
  • What kind of leader are you now?
  • What kind of leader do you want to be?
  • Where are the gaps in your leadership skills?
  • Acknowledgement of skills you have already.

Leadership Styles

Discussion of the pros and cons of the leadership styles of world leaders. You’ll look at a leader who uses each of these styles:

  • Transformational
  • Transactional
  • Servant
  • Commanding
  • Distributive
  • Situational


Using John Adair’s concept of Action Centred Leadership we will look at the allocation of tasks

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organisations

Who am I?

Working with the style sheets from your preparation work you will look at:

How you view yourself.

How you're viewed by others.

The similarities and anomalies between the two.


You'll look at personal values, exploring how those values define you as a leader.

And how leadership behaviours are shaped by our values.

Speaking From the Why?

We'll use the Simon Sinek Ted talk on how leaders inspire action.

You'll get to work on your own Golden Circle of what/how/why.

Then, you'll deliver it from the outside in and the inside out.

Leadership Initiative

Here you will describe and work on a leadership initiative that is current for you.

You'll look at defining a clear vision of how you want this initiative to be.

You'll spend some time on the who, what, why, where, when and how of it.

You will identify the first three steps required to begin the initiative.

And develop a plan to begin the initiative that evening.

Day Two


We'll start with a recap of what has already been covered and set the focus for day two.

Leadership Initiative

Time to process your thoughts on your leadership initiative.

Time to talk about any other insights you've had overnight.

Trust and Risk

This is an experiential exercise to help you explore your response to risk and learn how to develop trust.

Developing into a discussion on delegation and responsibility. 

Leadership Scenarios

During the rest of the day, you will be asked to talk about situations in your own leadership for which you need support to move things on.

We will offer a selection of tools and techniques including:

  • Conflict management
  • Giving difficult messages
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Mediating
  • Managing meetings

The following processes may be included depending on time and the wants of the delegates:


In this exercise, we will practise motivating others, including:

Using your own motivators

Using the other person's motivators

What is the difference in impact?

Making Decisions

Making decisions is a vital part of leadership but one that often causes consternation.

We will begin with a look at some of the things that can go wrong with decision-making before introducing some practical decision-making tools.

Change Management

In this exercise, we will explore how different people react to change and how they can be helped back to a place of comfort.

Deliberate Misunderstanding

This is a group exercise in dealing with obtuse or difficult people.

It demonstrates how hard it can be to get your point across in the face of other people either misunderstanding you or choosing to make things difficult for you.

This will include learning what you can do to avoid being hooked in.

Moving and Shaking

Everyone will be given feedback on their personal leadership qualities as seen by other members of the group.

You’ll be asked to think about what you are going to do differently to make something specific happen in your organisation.

You will be helped to develop a strategy for implementing your new leadership skills.

Personal Takeout

Getting really specific and using your scenarios, looking at best and worst case outcomes, examining what support you'll need and developing backup plans.

You will identify what will stop you putting your plans into practice and what support you need going forward.

We will give out Impact Factory documents to support the course.

You'll get copies relevant handouts to remind you of the coursework.

Ongoing Support

Two weeks after the course, one of your trainers will call to see how you are getting on.

You will have email and telephone access to both of your trainers.

You'll also have access to a course web page containing

  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Impact Factory PDF documents
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favourite videos

Leadership Course

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