European Haemophilia Consortium - Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer - European Haemophilia Consortium

Train the Trainer Course 

Delegate - Kristine Jansone -Community Programmes Officer

Company - European Haemophilia Consortium

Kristine attended the

Train the Trainer Course 

on 13-14 September 2018

Kristine said:

“It was a great training course.

Some of the content was known to me before, but it was wonderfully presented and structured.

The setting of the small group was fantastic - allowed to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

I had the feeling that we have all been in an ongoing conversation for two days - so smoothly done it was.

The trainers - Maria and Isabel - were great, experienced, interested and worked in perfect tandem!

The practical arrangements - superb!

Love the room setting and coffee that was available all the time :)

For me, it was very useful and inspiring experience.

Thank you very much!


Train the Trainer Course 

The Course was run by

Train the Trainer Course  Isabel Pollen    Train the Trainer Course  Maria Peters 


Train the Trainer Course 

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