Deb Group - Building Resilience Course

Building Resilience Course

Building Resilience Course

Delegate - Wendy Neighbour - R&D Operations Manager

Company - Deb Group

Wendy attended our Building Resilience Course

on 10th February 2017

Wendy said:


"It was a special day - to me, it felt like everything just clicked into place and you and Janet were amazing!

I'd also add that it's THE BEST training course I've EVER attended!

Excellent trainers, friendly approach and the content was tailored to suit the needs of the delegates on the day which made it very meaningful.

Lashings of content and reference materials, great follow up with additional materials and the knowledge of a support network if needed in the future.

Keep up the good work!



Building Resilience Course

The course was run by

Building Resilience Course     Janet Addison    building resilience course   Tom Bodell 


Building Resilience Course

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