Leadership and Management - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Leadership and Management - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Leadership and Management

The feedback we got when we were asked to speak at a London Borough of Tower Hamlets event was motivational, warm, honest, fun, and inspirational!

Together with the leader of Tower Hamlets, Martin Smith and a fantastic speaker Eden Charles, Impact Factory played a pivotal role in ensuring that all those months of carefully laid plans and the exciting vision came together on this very important first day. 

Over 100 colleagues, described as 'la creme de la creme' of Tower Hamlets talent pool, were gathered together for the launch. What was needed was a 'feel good' beginning which would match the optimism and spirit of the enterprise. 

From the word 'go' there was warmth, lots of laughter, fun and a real sense of openness and optimism. 

To motivate any group of people, particularly such a large group, you have to touch each of them personally.

This means having the understanding of what might be going on for them and to pitch things appropriately.

We transformed a huge impersonal space in minutes, or possibly seconds! It was very quick and you didnt see how we did it either.

A very large and potentially intimidating room was made to feel small and intimate, an easy place to talk through thoughts, experiences and feelings about becoming an inspirational leader or a new manager. 

The entire audience quickly enticed away from more formal protocol enabling them to open up, relax and share their ideas and concerns with previously unknown colleagues. 

Its one thing to be chosen to embark on new qualifications because your potential and efforts have been recognised.

Its another to feel positively enthused, rather than daunted, by the challenge of extra study, a bigger workload and even more commitments and demands upon your time and energies. 

Impact Factory, Martin and Eden all created an immediate rapport with the audience. With rapport, came credibility and a sense of empathy to make it a truly memorable launch. And the feedback? Motivational, warm, honest, fun, and inspirational. 

Read more about our on-going work with Tower Hamlets here (there will be a link to a client snack on the ILM and Award programmes). 

Want to put members of your staff through the Award or Certificate Qualification in First line Management with Impact Factory?

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