Certificate in first Line Management - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Certificate in first Line Management - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Certificate in First Line Management

Tower Hamlets was honoured to become an accredited centre for the ILM in 2007 and they now offer both target-audience specific programmes and open programmes available to all interested staff.

Impact Factory was thrilled to be awarded this contract which has enabled us to work over an extensive period of time with the same delegates, supporting them over a number of months as they progress during this intensive and demanding programme.

New managers and those aspiring to become managers have been given the opportunity to attend 32 days of training over 6 months with challenging assignments and projects throughout.

This year there are 15 committed staff earning their Certificate Qualification.

Among the vast range of subjects covered are many Impact Factory specialities, including

Business Writing 
Meetings Facilitation 
Managing Change
Managing Stress 
Team Building
Managing Performance 
Problem Solving 
Decision Making

Quite a comprehensive variety of material!

What has been exciting and a real challenge has been to find creative ways to weave our practical strengths and interactive style to the exacting formal curriculum requirements of the ILM.

We have been most impressed with Tower Hamlet's commitment to their people's development and the support they give to those wishing to progress in their careers and take on new skills.

The pluses for us have been: continuity, getting to know the delegates and their individual needs, understanding the requirements of the organisation at a truly in-depth level and the pleasure of developing such a wide-ranging and important programme.

As of Spring 2008 two groups are now working towards their Certificates, and all indication so far is that they are doing very well indeed.

Again, because of the success of this programme, the ILM Centre also decided to offer a more compact version for those who could not make the quite considerable commitment for the Certificate course. You can read more about the Award Qualification.

Want to put members of your staff through the Award or Certificate Qualification in First line Management with Impact Factory?

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, who are an accredited ILM Centre, are happy to have candidates from other boroughs register through them so there is no need to become an ILM Centre yourself, and Impact factory can deliver the programmes for your staff at your premises or at ours.

If you are interested, you can email Sarah Ricketts at Tower Hamlets.


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