Influencing and Negotiation - Lewisham Council

Influencing and Negotiation - Lewisham Council

Influencing and Negotiation

Influencing in times of stress is an interesting thing

It's very individual. People or situations that frustrate or anger one person may be easily handled by someone else and visa versa.

We saw this highlighted when working with Lewisham Council on an Influencing and Negotiation Skills Programme over the last four years.

In contrast to the generally positive relationship between Lewisham employees and the public, we've heard examples of frontline staff having to deal with abusive behaviour from members of the public; physical threats aimed at Street Wardens; distressed tenants - possibly on the brink of eviction - having to be supported and managed appropriately.

These scenarios would terrify most of us and yet the staff at Lewisham Council consistently handle these situations with care and professionalism.

So what could Impact Factory possibly add to the influencing and negotiation skills they clearly already had?

Considering we are now in our fourth year of working together, we believe we've contributed that extra something to help take the edge off their stress and give them some useful Influencing and Negotiation tools that work in their day to day jobs.

Confidence has been a key.

Quick and easily accessible communication tools to boost confidence or to handle someone with low self-esteem in particular.

Clarity of message is in important. We looked at how easy it is to ramble on the more pressure you feel under, so anything that helps people to be brief and to the point has been well received.

Delivering difficult messages with empathy but also firmly is another technique that we have also been explored in detail.

The delegates in the room could hardly be more diverse, so Impact Factory's ethos - that the training and tools are tailored to fit the individual - is perfectly suited to Lewisham Council.

We savour our partnership with Lewisham - long may it continue.


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