Dealing with Change - Disability Rights Commission

Dealing with Change - Disability Rights Commission

Dealing with Change

'Will I like my new colleagues?' 'Will I still have a job at the end of this?'

Following the Government's decision to create a new Commission for Equality and Human Rights, the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) asked Impact Factory to deliver a One Day Dealing With Change Course.

The new commission would result from a merger between the DRC and the other two existing equality bodies for sex and race.

Complex Challenges

Not surprisingly, this presented staff and managers with a complex set of challenges. We were briefed to equip staff with the relevant skills and support needed to go through this demanding transition period.

Our key objective was to help delegates understand what change meant to them and to others, so that they could better handle its effects.

Personal Style

We wanted to give people a range of options for dealing with change effectively, in a manner best suited to their personal style.

Among other things, we looked at the typical stages we can expect to go through when adjusting to change.

How firmly held beliefs can make change more or less difficult; and how patterns of behaviour can speed up or slow down the change process.


We also explored how to communicate effectively at a time of high pressure and uncertainty.

As with all Impact Factory courses, we also wanted people to enjoy themselves in line with our philosophy that learning happens best in relaxed, informal environments.

The course was rolled out across the organisation in a series of one-day events, and we met with many reflective, articulate members of staff whose engagement was impressive.

Such commitment will be a key factor for the DRC in facing the challenges ahead.

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