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Customer Service - Huntingdonshire District Council

Customer Service

Call Centre Training

Huntingdonshire District Council wanted to set up a call centre to act as the first point of contact for residents wanting to access the Council's services.

They wanted the very best in customer service delivered with all the individual style and character of the people they selected to man the phones.

So they recruited a top-quality training company that offered a wide variety of skills for their newly recruited team and leaders.

A company that seemed to have a unique and different approach, and a warm but serious style that would help the team to acquire a lot of new information and to represent many of the council's services to the customer in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

They asked us to work with them from recruitment to go live to mould a team that presented a consistent, helpful voice of the council whilst using the individual traits and strengths of each team member.

We were called in at an early stage in the recruitment process so we could get a real feel for what the District team were trying to achieve.

Our first task was to train the team leaders to mould the new team and help to develop their customer care skills so we put together a three-day 'Team Leader' programme.

It seemed a shame to deliver such an exciting programme to just the two team leaders so the Council invited along key members of the existing service team, giving an added bonus of forging some key communication links.

Graham then decamped to Huntingdonshire for most of the summer with a programme that covered Team Building, Customer Care and an introduction to the purpose-built support package for recording calls.

We kicked off with a team-building event that eased everyone in and helped with the early bonding process a mix of games and exercises and lots of laughter.

The kite-making activity and the rounders game have gone down in the annals of HDC history!

Part of the buzz for us was in hearing individuals develop their own personal style in dealing with some of the difficult customers we threw at them in the scenarios we developed. And boy, do we know how to be difficult!

The council has achieved a first-class customer service team that is winning praise from residents and colleagues alike and we are proud to have played our part.

Charter Mark Award Winner for Excellent Customer Service

Huntingdonshire District Councils call centre has been awarded the prestigious Charter Mark for their hard work and excellent customer service. Charter Mark is the government's national standard for public services that display customer service excellence.

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