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Well, all that might be true, but as far as we're concerned, people are people. Whether it's a leadership issue, customer service effectiveness, assertiveness problems, communication breakdown, people still tend to react the same no matter what industry they're in. If people have a problem saying no, or feel under assault from an angry customer it doesn’t really matter if their boss is a Board of Directors or a room full of elected Councillors.

Certainly there are constraints that are unique to the public sector just as there are constraints that are unique to the private. That's why all our programmes are tailored to the needs of the client, because we couldn't possibly create a template that would work for British Airways and Merrill Lynch or one that would work for Barnet Council and Lewisham.

Every single client and every single person who works for every single client is unique and what sets us apart in the work we do is to honour and respect that uniqueness and make sure that all our work suits each client to a T.

We're rightly proud of the work we've done in the Public Sector, from running a series of six day Leadership programmes at Barnet for their hundred top managers, to front-line Customer Care staff at Lewisham, to creating from scratch a Customer Service Call Centre for Huntingdonshire District Council. We work at all levels within the Public Sector, from Street Wardens to Benefit Officers to Chief Execs.

Here are some case studies to whet your appetite of what we might do for you and if you would like to talk with us further about any kind of soft-skills training, email us or give us a ring +44 (0)20 7226 1877.

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