Stop-Start Theatre - Mayday Hospital Trust

Stop-Start Theatre - Mayday Hospital Trust

Workforce Motivation and Development

Stop-Start Theatre

This was a classic piece of Stop-Start Theatre where a group of Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust managers were engaged and enthused by a group of Actors and facilitators playing out scenes to do with "developmental workplace issues".

This interactive theatrical way of working helped put excitement and life into what could otherwise have been a fairly dry seminar.

Kevin McDermott Head of Workforce Development at the Mayday Hospital Trust was clear from the get-go that he was looking for something entertaining as well as educational for this lunchtime seminar for managers, on the subject of motivating their staff

Just the sort of thing that we at Impact Factory love to provide, so of course we said:

"Of course we can Kevin"

Step forward Impact Factory and our team of Roleplayers

In Stop-Start Theatre actors perform a scene and the audience is encouraged to stop the action at any point to highlight something that they would do differently to change the dynamics of the scene.

Occasionally, when it's working well, members of the audience may be invited to join in the scenario - replacing one of the actors - in order to demonstrate what they might do differently.

After meeting some of the managers, we spotted a theme emerging to do with a general downturn in motivation across many levels of staff and management.

This could be summed up with the phrase: "Yes, but..."

There was a sense that people didn't appear to feel valued.

Out of this, we crafted three common scenarios that covered the motivational issues that arose most frequently for our group of managers.

Our trainers and the actors then discussed the outline of each scenario but did not rehearse the dialogue specifically because they were determined to keep it as spontaneous as possible on the day itself.

'Cometh the hour...', or rather the one-and-a-half-hours, we were delighted to see a large group of inquisitive and slightly apprehensive managers turn up at the lecture theatre.

In order to get the event off to an interactive start, we kicked off with a "warm-up" requiring everyone to get up on their feet and learn something new about a colleague.

We followed this with an interactive 'un-picking' with the audience of many of the factors that affect communication, highlighting the things that would later be used in the interventions during the playing of the scenarios.

Stop-Start Theatre

Then we launched straight into Stop-Start Theatre.

So successful was this part of the day that when we invited people to participate, one of the group's senior managers leapt up to show us how she would handle a particular situation and the show went on from there.

When you spend a good deal of your time on a ward or in an office, this format of training was exactly what the doctor ordered!

We look forward to future events of this calibre between Impact Factory and Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust.


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