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Coaching and Mentoring - Siemens

Coaching and Mentoring

Siemens are in the process of implementing a mentoring scheme and we created a programme to look at the role of a 'mentee' and how to actually best use a mentor.

The mentee and the mentor

Quite early on we realised that we had to adjust the programme to incorporate both roles: the 'mentee' and the mentor.

It soon became clear to both them and us that we all have a different idea as to what a mentor is supposed to do.

We proceeded to put the responsibility on to them as to what role they wanted from their mentor and that if they chose, they could then define it for the rest of the Siemens group – after all they were the champions and pioneers of the scheme.

We can say this about Siemens (or at least the people we've met so far): they are lively, curious, enthusiastic, questioning and up for anything.

They threw themselves into our exercises whole-heartedly and the humour and sharp 'mickey-taking' added to the energy and fun of the day.

Nearly everyone we worked with had at least eight years experience in the job, successfully managing teams of people, so we weren't talking 'basics' here. High-level people deserved a high-level programme.

Nearly all the participants came from a sales background - very outcome-driven and used to determining success with tangible and measurable results.

Part of the day was spent discussing the fact that the benefits from mentoring are not always immediate, tangible or measurable. However, being super-bright, they also realised that happy and 'listened to' employees work better and more efficiently – a likely 'result' will be an improvement in performance over the long-term and better job retention.

One element of the day, which was extremely effective, was our personal/communication style/what do you already have that works bit.

This is when delegates give feedback to each other on how they come across. Even though they have recently undergone a 360-degree feedback programme within Siemens, it was written not verbal. It seemed to make a huge difference to the participants to say it to each other face-to-face.

By the end of the day people had clarified the difference between managing, coaching, appraisal and mentoring.

They knew what they wanted to get from their mentors (whom they would also have to train) and how they should best proceed as mentors for their own teams.

So far our consultants have received a round of applause at the end of each programme. Siemens people are not only lively, but generous to boot!


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