PowerPoint Presentation - Bon Bon Buddies

PowerPoint Presentation - Bon Bon Buddies


PowerPoint Presentation

As Europe's number one licensed novelty confectionery and biscuit company we were delighted to be invited to support their development needs!

Passionate about what they do (we always like that), they wanted to ensure that their presentations were always as original and innovative as their products.

We created a great day with them helping them unpick, re-think and tweak their already very good presentations, using that ubiquitous tool that can either put people to sleep or reinforce a compelling PowerPoint presentation.

We helped Bon Bon Buddies achieve the finishing touches that made all the difference to the impact and clarity of their PowerPoint Presentations.

We very much enjoyed working with a very committed group of colleagues who were engaged and enthused about their future options - going home on the train there was plenty to reflect on in terms of all the issues that had been raised.

What was great was the positivity of the group and their eagerness to act on so many of the things we had explored together.

Normally, we're very happy when each of our participants identifies small changes they know they will be able to commit to.

Things that are do-able that could make a huge difference to the quality of their communications.

Our Bon Bon Buddies made some big commitments by the end of the day and we predict rocketing confectionery sales across Europe.


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