Line Management - Time Management - Kobalt

Line Management - Time Management - Kobalt

The Client Kobalt

Kobalt is the leading independent music company that provides Publishing, Label Services, and Neighbouring Rights Services. The company offers an alternative to the traditional music business model and empowers artists, songwriters, publishers and labels with advanced technology, transparency, flexibility, ownership and control.

Kobalt’s innovative technology solutions are designed to maximise efficiency and accuracy across the billions of micro-payments collected in today’s highly complex musical digital world.

With over 500 employees in 10 offices around the world, Kobalt represents over 8,000 artists and songwriters, 600,000 songs and 600 publishing companies, more than 40% of the top 100 songs and albums in both the US and UK. Its clients included Paul McCartney, Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Grohl, Disney Music Group and many more.

The challenge

Kobalt has a very dynamic and creative culture. Its employees are passionate about what they do and the impact of their work in the world.

They are also very busy, highly willing to help others and overcommitted which can make it challenging to prioritise tasks, dedicate time to more strategic work and manage colleagues face to face and remotely across the world.

The solution

Over a number of years and working in closed partnership with Kobalt, Impact Factory developed and delivered tailored Line Management and Time Management programmes that are very practical and great fun, matching Kobalt’s open and diverse culture.

Kobalt’s People & Culture team has always opted for a ‘Kobalt bespoke option’ to design the learning programmes to respond specifically to their requirements and needs, while incorporating Kobalt scenarios throughout.

The benefits of tailored Line Management training for new managers have been manifold as they have not only disseminated valuable new skills, they have also acted as bonding experiences for colleagues, helping them to continue supporting each other in the future.

In addition, Impact Factory’s Time Management programmes have included the creation of practical tools in collaboration with the delegates attending the workshops. These workshops explored the delegates’ attitude to time, how they spend it and learn how to delegate successfully.

These sessions have made clear the importance and high value of providing good feedback which is hugely motivating and creates a clear sense of purpose.

They have reinforced strengths and development within the company and made employees feel empowered and supported.

They have helped to motivate and inspire and to build trust within the business and teams across different countries.

The Results

Impact Factory has trained 53 Kobalt Managers over the course of 5 bespoke, highly interactive and practical Learning and Development sessions focused on Time Management, Delegation, and Giving Feedback. As a result of attending these sessions, delegates have increased confidence and self-awareness, and developed a set of tools and techniques to improve their efficiency and productivity at work.

“We’ve been using Impact Factory for a few years now and I can’t talk more highly of them. Kate Arneil has been particularly amazing. She quickly put our staff at ease, built a trusting relationship and provides her expertise and knowledge in an engaging and clear way. She’s easily one of the best trainers I’ve ever come across. Their management training programmes and customer service sessions were huge successes and I’ve been very impressed by their ability to really understand Kobalt Music Groups company culture and tailor their programmes to suit our needs and requirements.”
Terence Vieyra - Vice President - People & Culture - Kobalt Music Group

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Kobalt. They have great ideas and they are ambitious and fun. They really want to make a difference in their business and in the world and create a more productive and enjoyable working environment.”
Kate Arneil, Senior Consultant at Impact Factory

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