Influencing and Negotiation Skills - Snowdrop

Influencing and Negotiation Skills - Snowdrop

Influencing and Negotiation Skills 

Snowdrop and Us

"Raindrops on roses
Whiskers on kittens,

Snowdrop Systems wants
To box in big mittens"

That was the challenge for Eric McDonogh of Snowdrop and myself. How do you enable a group of dynamic Project Managers to be able to say "no" to clients and colleagues when necessary yet still build effective relationships.

To pack a punch but have no one get hurt?

In a word, how to Influence and Negotiate.

The team already had confidence and excellent communication skills, what they wanted were more choices in the moments when they were under pressure.

They wanted an Influencing and Negotiation Skills Programme that would help them to influence those around them to do what was required without any hierarchy to help them.

They didn't want to be dictated to by a training company and they wanted to have fun. Snowdrop and Impact factory are a match made in heaven.

There was mutual respect between the companies right from the word go. I liked the way they talked about each other and enjoyed the trust they put in us to deliver what they wanted.

The company had taken their time choosing a training provider, picking someone whose ethos fits theirs, so they did not try to control the way in which those objectives were delivered.

They knew what they wanted.

The level of commitment on the Influencing and Negotiation Skills day was fantastic.

Everybody tried everything, and everyone found at least one thing that they could immediately put into practice that day the beginnings of real profound change put into a practical bite size chunk

One of the best by products of the training being a team that better understand each other and would be able support one another in the times of pressure ahead. By the way we had fun too!!!

The proof is in the pudding. We have been in contact since the first training session, and intend to bloom and grow together.

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