Creativity and Innovation - Big Fish

Creativity and Innovation - Big Fish

Creativity and Innovation

Recruitment consultants Big Fish, asked Impact Factory to 'entertain and enlighten' a room of 50 creatives and marketing people for an hour at a recent creativity conference at the Heritage Motor Museum, Staffordshire.

So high above the Aston Martins, Ford Escorts and Austin Allegro rally cars on the ground floor; we created a sensory play space for the delegates in the ultra-modern Kestrel Suite.

They were invited to 'hang out' for an unspecified time and just 'be'.

Obviously, just 'being' in a space was a strange invitation to our suited and booted congregation.

The result firstly was a little apprehension, but it soon gave way to playfulness and many sponge Frisbees being hurled to the accompaniment of a selection of music ranging from the Sex Pistols to Miles Davies.

Bubbles floated while the sound to light projection swirled hypnotically and our play parachute became the centre of attention and the object of a collective ball game.

The purpose of all of the above was to demonstrate the importance of environments as catalysts for creativity.

Creatives in particular should have the right to get things wrong, because getting things wrong is part of getting things right.

The 15-minute session was de-briefed and we then moved on to the creativity and innovation process we call 'The Five Windows of Creativity' Copyright 2006.

It's a process that helps to identify not "How creative you are", but "How are you creative?"

Five interesting and challenging stages later the session was again de-briefed, many questions were raised in the minds of the delegates and some were even answered.

Then to the applause of an appreciative audience and a satisfied client, we melted back into our Impact Factory wagons a headed for the nearest golf course for a celebratory round and a well-earned pint!

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