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Northgate Information Solutions Limited is a market leader in providing specialist software, outsourcing and information technology (IT) services to the human resources, local government, education and public safety markets.

The group of people Impact Factory worked with were exceptionally skilled in their own fields of expertise, but it was felt they would benefit from an immersion into creative business writing techniques to help them feel more confident in this area.

An intimate group of four meant that we could indeed get very "up close and personal" with their writing issues, able to take each piece of writing back to its bare bones purpose and then flesh it back to life.

Everyone then had fun dressing them in lots of different ways to test what their effects might be upon their readers.

Actually, a bit the way software designers create their work as well: get back to the basic purpose, build the structure and then add the bells and whistles if required.

At the end of the day, there was a real sense of satisfaction that many of those writing demons had been conquered by the team's own wizardry.

It was important for us and for them to realise and acknowledge that they already had good skills in their personal writing kit, but the day also turned out to be a genuine confidence boost.

Impact Factory provided practical and relevant tricks and tips to add to their kits so as well as providing IT solutions for their clients, they could now provide writing solutions for themselves and their company.

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