Tech Data Ltd - Influence and Negotiation Course

Influence and Negotiation Skills Course

Delegate - Emma Bowdrey - UK E-Commerce Business Development Manager

Company - Tech Data Limited

Jayne attended our Influence and Negotiation Skills Course on 28th October 2013

Jayne said:


"I was able to understand that not all people work the same as I do, and to go into a conversation / meeting etc knowing my audience a little better and adapting my communication to suit them, thus helping with my influencing and negotiating.

I have been telling everyone who would listen what a great, relaxed atmosphere the courses are conducted in and that having such a variety of delegates means you are removed from your own work 'bubble' and are able to focus of taking in the course's subtle training techniques."


Influence and Negotiation Skills Course

The course was run by

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Influence and Negotiation Skills Course

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