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Impact Factory offers a wide
range of London based Courses, with dates
the year.

Pick a course
from the list
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because small changes = big impact

We equip you with skills and knowledge to draw upon
as and when you need to...

because there's no right way

Every individual learns differently, so we tailor our training
to suit your needs...

because we don't hire trainers
we create them

All of our trainers undergo an intense two year programme to absorb our values, techniques and ethos...

because we build on your strengths

People respond best to positive feedback so we make
the most of what already works about you...

because it 's more than training

It's professional and personal development...

because we're relevant & practical

You'll learn techniques you can use straight away
in your everyday life...

because we always use 2 trainers

We have two of our experts in every room
so that you get the attention you deserve...

because it 's all about practise

We help you find the way that works for you
and then explain why and how it does...

because we're always here

The training room is just the beginning - we stay on hand
for your questions, comments and feedback...

because we have fun!

We make sure everyone has fun with us,
life's too short not to!


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Impact Factory is pleased to be a supporter of the Ben Kinsella Trust.

We are committed to the aims of the Trust – raising awareness of knife crime, educating children at a profound level of the devastating impact of knife crime and of course celebrating Ben’s life and talents. Read more about our commitment.


Programmes where you and the trainer shape the training precisely for your needs.

Two trainers per programme


"I now have staff from all parts of the business begging me
for the chance to train with Impact Factory"


Top quality trainers, small groups, two trainers in every group, total focus
on you.

Where else would
you get that?


Come to us or we can come to you. Our training is universal.


Neither a factory nor
a training company.

..our specialism
is YOU


Open Courses more than just training

Presentation Skills

Develop as a presenter, understand how to use and work with the environment in which you find yourself and in a way which suits your presentation style. Public Presentation Skills Course.

Enhance your presentation skills...add finesse to the delivery…make yourself persuasive where audiences have different levels of communication and understanding. Advanced Presentation Skills Course.

In depth work on your ability as a presenter.Work on perfecting your presentation style and prepare for all presentation eventualities. Lots of time devoted to practice. Two Day Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation Skills Courses