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Tailored Presentation Training

Every time you have to present – whether to a large audience, sitting around a table or to a group of colleagues – you have the opportunity to make a powerful and memorable impact.

Our Presentation training helps you understand the presenting 'arena' so you can feel more in charge of it. Once you feel more in charge, you gain in confidence, and from that confident place you can then learn techniques to become an engaging and knowledgeable presenter.

We aren't interested in 'how to get it right' since one of our tag lines is that there is no right way. However, having the tools to recover when things go 'wrong' is one presentation skill worth having.

What we do do is to help you harness all that energy that nearly everyone has around presenting so that you can make dynamic, lively, outstanding and effective presentations.

Available Programmes

P PowerPoint Presentation Training

PowerPoint is a double edged sword that can be your most powerful ally or a ball and chain holding you back from presenting even adequately.

Every slide should have a purpose and add a new dimension to your presentation.

P Public Speaking Training

Did you know that Public Speaking tops the list of phobias for most people?

Not spiders or heights - Public Speaking - Speech in Public!

M Media Training

You'll learn how to handle TV appearances, radio broadcasts, press conferences, hostile questions and make sure you make the impact you want in front of the media.

P Presentation Skills Training

Present with flair, overcome nerves, design compelling presentations.

Here you can learn tips to develop business presentation skills, the effective use of PowerPoint and how to be a better public speaker at conferences, meetings, even weddings and other social events.

P Pitching for Business

​Pitching for business isn't just doing well at the 'beauty parade', where what you have on offer may be similar to everyone else who's pitching.

The better you are at relationship building the better your chances are of clinching the deal.

S Sales Training

Sales Negotiations are a waste of everyone's time unless you know how to secure the sale.

We explore the crucial elements of the process of the sales negotiations so that you know how to secure the sale. 

P Advanced Presentation Skills Training

Once you're over the initial hurdle of getting your confidence up and some experience of presenting Advanced Presentation Skills is the course that will turn you from a competent presenter into a brilliant presenter.

S Storytelling Training

The ability to tell a good Story is a powerful addition to anyone's ability to communicate meaningful messages to clients, colleagues and the public.

Give your people the gift of storytelling.

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Tailored Training Formats we offer

You are a key executive in your company. If instead you played Football for England wouldn't you want a guy like Fabio Capello beside you every day. 
In-depth, hands-on, highly individual tailor-made programmes offer delegates a chance to take an intense look at very specific issues.
One or two-hour sessions for up to 30 people.
We can design a programme specifically for you, then select, train and accredit your trainers or managers to deliver that programme in house.
You can bring us in on a one-to-one basis for coaching, personal effectiveness, career development and individual presentation work.

There is a 20% discount on all Early Bird and Late Bookings. The course must be paid for at the time of booking.

(Discount not available if you wish to pay by Invoice)