Personal Impact

Tailored Personal Impact Training

Devoting a small amount of time and effort to developing personal impact is the single most powerful way to improve effectiveness, efficiency and motivation at work.

We all impact on the people around us every day of our lives. Sometimes our impact is positive and powerful; but it can also be inappropriate or weak.

Our Personal Impact work is devoted to understanding how all of us impact on others.

We look at how 'making an impact' works, then we take a detailed look at how you can improve your ability to influence others.

We examine the whole area of verbal and non-verbal communication and get an appreciation of the conventions and boundaries unconsciously observed by everyone.

We explore each person's ability to 'work' their environment.

We look at choice of language, use of passion, silence, agreement, status, physical movement; anything that can legitimately be used to impact on those around you.

Then we look at the thoughts and feelings associated with initiating, provoking, directing or influencing others.

Personal Impact is an opportunity to radically change the effect you have on those around you by making simple changes in your behaviour.

Available Programmes

S Stress Management Training

Some Stress can be good for you. Pressure helps you focus and gives you direction. So a little more pressure and stress will make you even more productive won't it?

Well the thing about stress is that too much makes things and people fracture.

Not slowly, but instantly.

A Assertiveness Training

Tailored Assertiveness Training Programmes offer key techniques to deal with Bullying, Confrontations and Difficult People.

N Business Networking Training

Most people share an uneasiness of walking into a group of strangers and socialising with charm and wit. Learn how to be more at ease in the networking arena and build the kind of relationships that will develop your company and take the sting out of events.

I Personal Impact Training

Many of us aren't very adept at understanding the impact we make on others.

Here you get to look at what makes an impact and how you can make the impression you want without compromising who you are.

Personal Impact is a gently challenging programme that can lead to potential life changing insight for many of it's participants.

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Tailored Training Formats we offer

You are a key executive in your company. If instead you played Football for England wouldn't you want a guy like Fabio Capello beside you every day. 
In-depth, hands-on, highly individual tailor-made programmes offer delegates a chance to take an intense look at very specific issues.
One or two-hour sessions for up to 30 people.
We can design a programme specifically for you, then select, train and accredit your trainers or managers to deliver that programme in house.
You can bring us in on a one-to-one basis for coaching, personal effectiveness, career development and individual presentation work.

There is a 20% discount on all Early Bird and Late Bookings. The course must be paid for at the time of booking.

(Discount not available if you wish to pay by Invoice)