Katherine Grice

is a Training Consultant at Impact Factory


Katherine has run her own theatre company, which has given her an insight into the thrill and despair of having a business, a strong vision, and what's needed to enthuse and motivate people.

Over the years she has worked for many national and regional theatre companies and played to audiences ranging from four (three critics and her Mum at the Edinburgh Festival: they all loved/hated it!) to 2,500 at the London Palladium.

Katherine has also taught acting and run workshops everywhere from the British Embassy in Hong Kong to Pentonville Prison. This range of experiences helps her work with Impact Factory.

While working for the Royal Shakespeare Company Katherine became involved in their education programme, which led to an interest in personal and professional development.

Good theatre is about passion, commitment, communication and making a connection with your audience.

This is what Katherine brings to Impact Factory.

Katherine's particular skills and passions within Impact Factory include Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Personal Impact and Communication Skills.

Recent clients include Tower HamletsNorthgate Information SolutionsNMWAGLucky Voice and SThree

Katherine lives in East London. A world she inhabits with her husband, two young sons and an asthmatic cat. She is warm and compassionate and is getting pretty good at managing that life-balance thing everyone talks about; managing my Impact Factory life and the East London world.

Katherine specialises in Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Personal Impact

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