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Networking in Business

Networking for Success

Business networking is a powerful way to promote your business. Meeting other business people is an essential part of building your own enterprise.

Business Networking Skills

Businesses thrive when partnering with others and business networking allows you to do this.

No man/woman is an island and the same applies to your business.

Alliances and partnerships will allow your company to grow and expand. Plus you will gain new clients and customers when you network. Where can you network? Here are a few places:

* Seminars
* Meetings
* Social gatherings
* Business forums and networks.

Seminars are a good way to network, as you will meet others who are interested in business.

These people who come to learn can be good candidates for your product/service.

Learn how to approach others and make conversation before mentioning your product/service, so that you can access whether they will be interested.

Always attend Seminars that will attract your targeted market.

Business meetings: When you meet people from other businesses you can mingle with them and check out business partners and possible customers.

Business to business is a powerful way to network.

Social gatherings 

You will be surprised how many people are interested in business and would love to start their own if they only knew how.

By making conversation and discussion you can find out if someone would be interested in your product/service.

Business forums and networks: You cannot openly advertise in forums but you can always leave your "business card" or sig.

Usually your name and website URL. Be active answer questions (establish your credibility) and ask questions (other peoples' opinions can be very valuable.)

You will become well known and other members of the forum will check out your website and even join your newsletter. These are highly targeted and valuable prospects.

When you attend functions, like Seminars and meetings you not only bring your business card but also usually wear a name badge. Often these are paper or pinned on.

A nice reflection on you and your company is to wear a magnetic name badge.

You can customize them with your company logo and they will look better than the conventional paper and pinned variety.

They add class and distinction to your image, increasing the credibility of you and your company.

You can make them unique and original using them as a good conversational piece or "ice breaker."

Magnetic badges can be a distinctive way to introduce yourself in any business function.

Never underestimate the power of socializing in business.

You learn new ideas from others in your industry and become known as an expert in your field.

Both these business tactics can lead to long lasting relationships and new customers.

The following article was contributed by Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller is an entrepreneur specializing in niche markets

Cheryl is also the Publisher of the "Magnetic Marketer" a free internet marketing newsletter.


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