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You're being Outplaced

Here we go again, another euphemism, just like outsourcing and downsizing.

We are fascinated with the language that has been created over the years to dress up the often stark facts that jobs are going to be cut and employees will be out of work.

The world of outplacement services has grown enormously to help companies deal with redundancies and what we've heard called 'career transition support'.

Career transition support - wow! Now thats a phrase; makes it sound as though the individuals in question chose to have their careers in transition.


Now, we're not saying that outplacement services aren't a very good thing; they can help companies look after their people, both those who are leaving and those who are staying.

It's just we do wish that sometimes companies would say it as it is: times are tough, some of you are going to lose your jobs and we will do something to help.

So that's what outplacement is all about and there are some very good programmes to ease the shock and pain of being made redundant: support with re-writing CVs, brushing up on interview skills, reviewing career options, helping with new job searches and counselling.

Some programmes will also work with those who haven't faced the chop since they are in 'transition' as well and need to feel motivated to carry on and to manage their time and responsibilities more effectively.

Outplacement can indeed help the 'transition' process, whether a company manages it in-house, sources a company from outside or sends people on a variety of external programmes to give them vital support during a difficult and challenging time.


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