To blag or not to blag - Sales Presentation and Building Business Relationships

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Sales Presentation and Building Business Relationships

'To blag or not blag': 

Another thing I bang on about is that I think it best never to "blag" in a professional setting - particularly in a presentation, or a meeting - because you'll always be found out.

Blag - the definition

Blag - British, informal
Noun - 1. A violent robbery 2. an act of using clever talk or lying to obtain something
Verb - (blagged, blagging) - 1. steal in a violent robbery 2. obtain by clever talk or lying

Blagger - the definition

Derivatives - Blagger (noun) Origin - perhaps from French blageur - tell lies

All Definitions from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary

Once you're found out, then the likelihood of gaining the trust of colleagues or clients is severely dented for the long term. Whereas, if you have the courage to 'front up' and say:

"you know what, I don't know the answer to that one, but I'm going to find out straight away" - or some such - then you have the trust potentially of that person - they know you won't blag.

People tend to assume that you have to know absolutely everything about the subject you are talking about - or the job you do.

In actual fact, where did it say in your contract - "You must be omniscient!"

Omniscient - the definition

Omniscient - adjective having or seeming to have unlimited knowledge

Definition from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary

The Conclusion

I maintain rather that you be a powerful advocate and representative of your company, your goals, your values and yourself.

To blag or not to blag - Sales Presentation and Building Business Relationships


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