Taylor Wimpey: Practical Tools for Excellent Customer Service

Taylor Wimpey, a FTSE 100 company, is one of the largest residential developers in the UK, with 24 regional offices, and operations also in Spain where it builds high-quality homes in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Mallorca.

The company is an expert in building sustainable homes and communities, providing high-quality places to live with appropriate facilities, an attractive environment and a sense of place.


The Challenge

Excellent customer service within the home building industry is vital. Buying a home is often a one-off purchase and can be an emotional and costly journey. Homeowners have high expectations when they buy a newly built property. They expect it to be perfect.

Taylor Wimpey aims to keep its customers at the centre of its decisions and aspires to make its customer service one of the best in the industry, providing homeowners with a consistent and personal service.

The company also wanted to reinforce engagement and promote a cohesive culture within the business regarding customer service. To help make that possible, Taylor Wimpey restructured their Customer Service departments and introduced a new role, Customer Relations Manager, in each of its regional businesses.  The purpose of this role is to be the main point of contact for the customers prior to moving in to their home and initially afterwards; with the role working closely with Sales and Production throughout the customer journey.


The Solution

Impact Factory created in partnership with Taylor Wimpey the bespoke “Practical Tools for Excellent Customer Service” programme with a very clear focus on the customer experience.

We used a Forum Theatre model (for more information on Forum Theatre click here) to look at typical scenarios that participants encounter and practised a variety of ways to handle them with flair and confidence.  Impact Factory and the delegates together created practical tools to help them gain customer trust, even in the most challenging situations.


The Results

Almost 500 Customers Service professionals were trained in this project, and all new recruits to Customer Service will be. Participants provided very good feedback around the practical tools offered and reported that the forum theatre section on conflict was particularly useful.

“The programme has helped our Customer Service staff become much more confident in delivering high quality service to our customers. Increasing our service delivery will have a clear impact to our business and employee satisfaction”.

Susan Parkins, Training Manager, Taylor Wimpey

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