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Work-Life Balancework life balance training

When it comes down to it, work and life are like a balancing act.

It's a daily challenge to juggle all those things that you hold closest to your heart.

We know that focusing attention on one area of your life can lead to stresses and strains in another, and there's a delicate balance required to keep things ticking over in the most effective way.

As you may know, much of what we do at Impact Factory centres around Professional personal development and we acknowledge that issues can readily transfer themselves from office to home - and vice versa.

Without balance - work suffers, home suffers and you suffer as a company.

We say '2 for the price of one' because we deal with the 'whole person' and all of the issues that affect daily life - work, home and everything in between.

So everybody wins!

This area is becoming increasingly important to employers and employees alike, and the Government is encouraging 'work-life balance' through a series of initiatives, including the events such as 'Work-Life Balance week', an annual event.

Work-Life Balance

Our programmes offer support across a wide area of Work-Life Balance Issues including:




Effective Communication

Management Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Time Management

Change Management


We also have a vast array of documents and articles in our Library that we hope can help to address many work-life balance issues and be of benefit to organisations and individuals alike.

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Work-Life Balance 

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