Training Needs Analysis

What Training Do You Need

It’s often useful to have an independent eye look at what training would most benefit your people and organisation.

When times are tough it’s important to clearly pinpoint what would help make a difference.

Key People

You probably have key people who would get an immediate boost from attending specific public courses.

There could well be particular teams or departments for whom a targeted training would provide a step-change in their attitude and productivity.

People Development

Our Consultants are skilled at listening to what’s going on within your organisation and responding with carefully considered recommendations to support people’s development and skills.

A Training Needs Analysis gives you the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of what is going on within your organisation.

Our consultative approach gets input from all relevant individuals, managers and senior staff so we can provide a ‘global’ view of what is needed.

Global Perspective

We'll hold one to one interviews to get individual perspectives,

We'll run focus groups to give us a breadth of input.

And we'll create questionnaires to help those who are less forthcoming express their views.

This methodology allows us to get buy-in from those involved and to demystify the entire process.

Success Criteria

We then analyse all the information and identify strengths, areas for development, common themes, issues and topics and use these to define success criteria.

From there we present our findings in terms of the overall well-being of the organisation.

Likely Outcomes

Personalised training for 6 to 8 delegates

Train the trainer programmes

In-depth, hands-on, highly individual tailor-made programmes run in small groups

One to one coaching for key people

Bespoke workshops

These bespoke workshops offer delegates a chance to take an intense look at very specific issues, learn and practise tools and techniques to develop new skills and gain personal insight into how to make their work and personal lives more effective.

With two facilitators working with small numbers of participants the work gets adapted on an on-going basis throughout the programme to absolutely suit the needs of the people in the training room.

Programmes are an action-packed 8 hours, with people doing, not sitting.

Larger workshops

Sometimes you may not have the time or budget for the gourmet option, but you still want a healthy meal.

You still want your people to get valuable, relevant and practical training.

We can tailor programmes for large groups, and though of necessity, not as intense and individual, will provide people with excellent skills and the motivation to put them into practice.

This option is particularly useful if you have to get larger numbers of people through a programme quickly but don't want a mere tick the box, sheep dip approach.

Programmes include interactive exercises, demonstrations and chances to practise new skills.

Please ring us to discuss group prices.

Training Needs Analysis

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Training Needs Analysis