Impact Factory Certified Training Accreditation

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Training Experience

Impact Factory has been in operation since 1991, providing tailored Professional Personal Development programmes for the private and public sectors as well as a comprehensive series of Open Courses. In that time we have run training programmes for well over 100,000 delegates.

Our Standards are Exacting and Scrupulous

There are many excellent trainers in the UK; no longer is the norm endless PowerPoint, note-taking, chalk ‘n’ talk style ‘teaching’. Far more trainers are opting for the experiential approach and thank goodness for that. 

People learn best within an environment that’s stimulating, fun, engaging and interactive, which is why in order to become an Impact Factory Accredited Trainer our colleagues have to be versed in a huge range of skills, talents and creative capabilities.

Our Internal Training Programme

Impact Factory doesn’t hire training deliverers. We develop dynamic, vibrant, highly creative people who are involved in all aspects of our work. 

In order to achieve that our people have to undergo a rigorous Two Year Training Programme in order to be fully accredited by the two founding Directors Robin Chandler and Jo Ellen Grzyb

No trainer, however skilled, can just walk into Impact Factory, grab a programme, get a bit of tutorial and set off to work with our clients. 

We have very clear criteria that people need to fulfil to be able to join Impact Factory’s programme in the first place; they are based on the skills and abilities of the two Founding Directors and are: a psychotherapy or counselling background, a drama based background, an experience of group dynamics and an understanding of the business world. 

Now that’s a tall order in anyone’s book and here are the reasons why we look for those specific skills:

  • Our trainers need to understand the feelings that people have when they have to raise their game, when they experience change or when they need to become more effective, motivated and enthusiastic
  • They need to understand what are the accessible and sustainable behaviour changes necessary to take on board new skills, regain or expand their confidence and develop good practice
  • They need an ability to present material in an engaging, creative, informative and ‘user friendly’ style to ensure sustained learning
  • And they must understand the worlds our clients work in, whether the organisations are large multi-nationals, public sector and local authorities or small and medium size businesses
  • We also tend to accept people who have had a goodly chunk of life under their belts so they bring depth and a range of experiences to the training room. 

Trainees attend weekly internal training sessions, attend Open Courses as delegates to experience the work first hand and receive reviews on a continual basis. 

As they progress within the organisation they attend client meetings, write proposals and create training programmes as well as deliver training. 

Their development is reviewed during monthly meetings held by the Directors and senior trainers. In addition, after every course the two trainers have a debrief and give each other feedback, which is written and is part of our on-going appraisal process. 

In addition, the Directors accredit each Open Course by attending every programme once a year to ensure quality and freshness. 


Licenced Accredited Training

We  train your trainers; create solution based programmes and then facilitate the delivery by your trainers company wide. 

Training for Large Groups

We can design a programme specifically for you, then select, train and accredit your trainers or managers to deliver that programme in house.

It is a more cost-effective and logistically expedient solution to have your own training team deliver the kind of training that we provide.

There may be occasions when you need to equip a large group of people with similar skills.

We are expert at ensuring a perfect fit between trainers and material so they feel confident to deliver exceptional workshops.

In these cases we can design a programme specifically for you, then select, train and accredit your trainers or managers to deliver that programme in house.

It works like this...

As a first step we work with you to develop a tailored, licenced training package for the specific requirements of your workforce.

The content of the programme will be designed to reflect your values, culture and objectives.

Next we retrofit a train the trainer programme to prepare your trainers to deliver this exact course.

This enables us to ensure the highest possible quality of training and delivery without actually delivering the training ourselves.

Following this we will accredit those trainers we feel most able to deliver a high standard of training and assist you to pilot and roll out the training to your workforce under licence.

As a tailored solution the logistics will vary for each case, but as a cost effective method of delivering targeted training to large groups of people, it cannot be beaten.